Pipe bending, profiles, rods – rolling, welding, CNC turning, milling.

BG Technology is a production and service company focusing on high quality of its products and services. From the beginning of existence, we have been guided by the idea of ​​building a company on transparent terms, in which trust and full customer satisfaction count. We focus on experienced designers, engineers and fitters, so that we can meet even the biggest challenges. The company’s philosophy is consistent with the idea of ​​permanent development of employees who, by improving their skills and broadening their knowledge about the services they provide, constantly improve the company’s reputation. An important part of our development are also investments in a modern machine park, thanks to which we can work efficiently and offer attractive prices. We are specialists in the field of service bending of pipes, profiles and rods as well as rolling.

Support for producers of many industries

Our services are used by producers from such industries as: furniture, sailing, aviation, transport, agriculture or the broadly understood industry. We bend pipes on new bending machines and constantly increase production capabilities. We make details that are important components for many manufacturing companies. We offer service bending of steel, stainless and aluminum pipes and profiles. Thanks to constant development, we are constantly expanding the scope of our work. At the moment you can count on us especially when it comes to services such as:

  • Metal working
  • Pipe and tube bending
  • CNC turning
  • CNC milling
  • Laser cutting
  • Laser engraving
  • Welding
  • Threading
  • 2D, 3D designing
  • Powder coating

We have regular customers in Poland. As our Company develops, we are open also to foreign markets. We cooperate with sites in Sweden and Germany where we export our products. The features which distinguish us from other companies are as follows:

  • Professional servicing from valuation to assembly
  • High quality of the services provided
  • Efficiency and short lead time
  • Honest approach towards a customer.

BG Technology is also the leading manufacturer of industrial safety barriers and guards which are perfect for manufacturing halls, warehouses and shops. Our products are also an important protection element in parking lots, roads, patrol stations and in harbours.

Our offer includes, among other things:

  • Security Bollards
  • Trolley protector
  • Corner protections
  • Patrol station protections
  • Road bumps
  • Perimeter barriers
  • Parking posts
  • Wheel guides
  • Column protector
  • Cycle parking
  • Wall guides

More information on the industrial fenders offer is to be found at Odbojnica.pl. BG Technology owns this brand.