Metal elements


Manufacturing metal elements is one of the key services for BG Technology. The long-term experience and investments into the machine park guarantee the performance of nearly every detail regardless of its purpose or a sector in which it will be used. Each element is of top quality and made with due diligence. We manufacture details resistant to mechanical damage and with outstanding durability.

We manufacture metal products for various industry branches. We support the following sectors:

  • furniture
  • food
  • automotive
  • aviation
  • paper.

BG Technology metal elements manufacturing involves, in particular:

  • Guarantee of timely delivery regardless of a customer’s localisation
  • Complete compliance of products with specification
  • Possibility of performing complex details.

As our Company develops its activity, we open to new challenges and we eagerly take innovative orders. At our manufacturing hall, we perform such elements as: hinges, locks for doors, metal washers, clips, spring angle sections, hangers for cabinets, various lids, milled boards, rollers, pins, sleeves and washers. Do not hesitate to contact our representatives.