Pipes, profiles and rods rolling


BG Technology is a company specialized in professional pipes and profiles rolling. We constantly equip our machinery in new rolling mills, thus we can perform our services even more efficiently and with even greater accuracy. We provide our services to customers throughout Europe. Our customers can count on our technical support in the selection of an optimal solution. We also have our own project team, which will draft all the necessary projects, if necessary.

We offer rolling from fi 16:

  • Pipes rolling
  • Profiles rolling
  • Rods rolling
  • Section rolling
  • Angle rolling

Technological possibilities in the field of rolling: 

MaterialMaximum rolling range
mild steel round pipefi 100x4mm
stainless steel round pipefi 88,9x4mm
round steel pipefi 88,9x4mm
Round tube made of soft Cu and Alfi 100x5mm
Round tube made of soft Cu and Alfi 88,9x4mm
Round rod made of ST37 steelfi 60mm
Square profile made of ST37 steel80x80x3,2
Square rod made of ST37 steel50x50mm
Rectangular profile made of ST37 steel100x50x3mm
Flat bar ST37100x12mm
UPN profiles160x65
T-bar made of ST37 steel100x80x9mm
ST37 steel angle80x80x12

Rolling pipes is an effective method of metalworking involving the deformation of material under the pressure of rollers. Thanks to the cold rolling method, it is possible to obtain high accuracy in terms of shape and size. As a result of the rolling process, the obtained product is characterized by a smooth surface and high strength. Achieving the perfect shape of the workpiece is conditioned by using professional brand rollers. BG Technology invests only in proven solutions when it comes to rolling machines. Our clients, apart from technical consultancy and help in designing, can also count on an individual approach. We are not afraid of challenges and we are willing to take orders that are more complicated than standard ones.