We carry out welding services using all standards that guarantee high quality welded joints. We use both materials sent by the client and purchased by us in accordance with the project. Our clients can count on a professionally made service, thanks to our employees, who have extensive experience and all licenses. We make every effort to ensure that our welding services are as inexpensive as possible for you.

Welding methods applied at BG Technology:

  • TIG method in the argon shield
  • MIG method

Welded materials: structural steel, acid-proof steel

Our manufacturing hall is based in Bydgoszcz but we provide services to customers all over Poland. Currently, we provide services to companies from Poznań – Bydgoszcz – Gdańsk – Łódź – Toruń – Kraków – Warszawa.

Welding involves joining metal elements using heat treatment. In practice, it looks like the surfaces of details get so hot that they melt. Then they are joined with the aid of a binder. After leaving the heat source, the metals cool, solidify and are permanently connected.

TIG welding – this type of welding is used most frequently for welding pipes and thin sheets. It is applied in plenty of industry branches owing to clean and high quality welds. In the welding process slag is not produced; therefore, a weld seam is exceptionally clean and it does not need cleaning. Other advantages of this method include good strength parameters, no welding inconsistencies, possibility of joining various materials, no spatters, simple control over a welding zone.

MIG method welding – it is the most popular welding method in craft workshops. Its asset is mainly its high versatility. It is possible to weld various materials in various positions. The advantages also include high work efficiency and consequently low welding costs. This method enables works mechanisation and automation. Furthermore, it guarantees high quality of weld seams.

Covered electrode welding – an advantage of this method is the possibility of welding in all the conditions (in wind, at the heights, under water). Another asset is high quality of weld seams. This welding method may be applied with various metal types.

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